Future in Form and Function


What would you say if all motorcycle manufacturers made and sold the same motorcycle for 50 years? Only changing the paint job and upgrading the materials a bit along the way.

Most manufacturers share a common architecture with little to no distinction in style or shape between them. Only set apart by crude paint schemes and pricey add-ons. Long neglected and antiquated in comparison to the motorcycles or race cars they're meant for.

The end result is consumers being left with a dated and uninspired product, a "design by committee" nightmare.

Today fortunately, that all changes, "Del Rosario" aims to bring helmet design into up to speed with functional yet up to date designs We are the only helmet designer that will steer away from extensive use of graphics and gimmicks and instead rely on stylized vision and innovative design.

We are also the only brand to redesign the helmet by starting from a completely blank canvas, inside and out. Each design will have meaning and background.

Our goal is to get this segment caught up to the rest of the industry and provide a product that will appeal to the individual rider. We will bridge the gap between modern avant-garde design and technological advances in safety tech.